Family Therapy

Family therapy is also referred to as family systems therapy, marriage, and family counseling. This type of psychotherapy refers to an intervention rooted in social work and psychology research and practice. It examines complex interaction patterns within families and seeks solutions based on how each family member views their respective roles in relation to the rest of the family system.

As such, solutions are sought that best address individual needs while working towards wholeness in the entire family system.  While this “systems approach” does not deny the need for accountability by each member, it reduces or eliminates the stigma associated with labeling one member of the system as “the problem,” thus leading to healthier resolution of whatever issues or conflicts need to be worked through.

Family Psychotherapy

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This system approach allows for the entire family to be seen together in the therapy office, thus giving a skilled therapist the opportunity to see patterns of interaction (verbal and non-verbal) among and between various subsets of the family (all the moving parts, so to speak).

The therapist has the unique advantage of seeing how both parents interact with one or more of their kids; how children interact with each other; how parents interact amongst themselves.

Taking the issues or problems identified by each family member into consideration, the therapist can address constructive solutions that lead to healthier functioning of the family, subgroups, and individual members.

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There are times when specific issues require additional sessions with individual members or subgroups.  Such may be the case with a family member struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, or couples that fight or argue in front of their children or that have conflicting parenting and discipline styles, etc.

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